Yahoo! keeps messing with me

I'm starting to get feed up with Yahoo!. They keep toying with me. One minute I'm a hot commodity, the next I'm nowhere to be found. I'm talking about the Yahoo! search for "Travis". I've been as high as 3rd, and so low I couldn't even find myself. The site that has been listed is From the Crossroads.

What really got me is that for a few days, I was ousted by someone who had registerd the .com of my name and hadn't event put a site up. The only references to "Travis" on the site were "Welcome to your new website:". Yahoo has now fixed their search algorithm to not include sites like that, but the constant r fluctuation just goes to show how under construction their search still is.

In the meantime, this site should give me the ranking I desire. Not only is my name prominently displayed on the site, it's the domain name. So, keep an eye on Yahoo!, you're favorite Travis might just be showing up.