Shifting the blame

I'm getting tired of hearing about the abuse in Iraq. Not because I'm a bury my head in the sand kind of guy who doesn't like to hear bad news. Quite the contrary. I'm getting tired of it because all of the focus is on the soldiers. In the military, there is a chain of command, and everyone is responsible for everyone below them. Do you honestly think that some reservists are going to pose with prisoners and take pictures without their superiors knowing about it? And if they did do on their own, the commander(s) should be held accountable for not knowing what was going on.

Before the invasion of Normandy, then General Eisenhower prepared two letters (or speeches my memory fails me on the exacts). Anyway, in them he prepared one for success saying that with the invasion of Normandy the Allies had started to take back Europe. The other letter he prepared offered his resignation and apologies to the President and the Allies. This was a military man who realized that he was ultimately responsible for the success and failure of his troops. Some of those in command in Iraq and Washington should take a page out of the history books and remember that they are the ones in charge which makes this responsible.

Travis' Political ViewsJust so you don't think I'm a leftist out to bash Bush... The last time I was a registered party voter, I was registered Republican. Right now I'm an independent with centrist views and desire the hypocrisy of both parties.