Yahoo's all about this Travis

Well, that was pretty nifty. Launching this site and the announcement that appeared on my From the Crossroads blog moved me up in the rankings on the Yahoo! search for "Travis". Now the only site I have to dethrone is the band Travis. Watch out Travis the band, I'm coming after you! :)

P.S. Yes, it is shameless self (that would be me, Travis) promotion. I want this site (that would be Travis Swicegood dot com) in there, too. So I'm seeing how many times I can legitimately put my name (Travis, that is), in a post. You see, it would be cheating just to act like a Brady Bunch girl and say Travis, Travis, Travis... Plus I don't know if the search engines would like that. Anyhow, this is Travis - Travis Swicegood that is - signing off.

In case you don't want to count how many times I mention Travis in the above two paragraphs - there are 11 instances of Travis. And that's not counting the three times Travis is mentioned in this paragraph! ;)

Ok, so "Hey baby, you should Yahoo! my name. Yeah, it's #1." isn't going to get me any dates, or at least any dates that I would want, but it's still cool!