Helios Solar Aircraft

Helios - a solar powered flying antenna Wow, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in a while! The Helios from NASAS is essentially a solar-powered, flying antenna! It transmits wireless singles to phones, computer receivers, radio receivers (or it could), or any other number of things that need data transferred to them. It works better than a satellite as there is no launch, it takes off of its own power, and can sustain over long periods of time as it's fuel - electricity - is generated from the solar panels that cover its hughe 247 foot wingspan.

The deployment of these, or similar machines that come from this research could very easily revolution the wireless world. Instead of having to rely on being near a mobile tower with only 4 miles of coverage, all you need to do is be near one of these machines that can broadcast and receive signals up to 10 miles away. Very cool...