What's My Google Number

I'm working on it. When I first read this article, my Google Number was just under 100, now I'm up to 594. Well, actually, it's 592, because two of the entries on the geneology website aren't mind. Anyhow, according to this article, I still shouldn't "hang my shingle" just yet. I'm getting there though.

For those who are interested, you can find your Google Number by going to, and searching for your name inside quotation marks. If you have a common name, such as Jason Murphy, you may need to include some strings to subtract out all of the other folks. To do that, just add "-snowboard", or whatever other phrase keeps coming up talking about people that aren't you. Some of us are lucky though, there's not much activity online by the other Travis Swicegood of the world. And since I share my name with only one living person (that I know of), I think I'm pretty safe.