Fedora Core 2 is out... and the mirrors are broken

Mirror Access

The following mirrors carry Fedora Core:

Ever doubt the power that open source software exerts on the Internet? Just check out what Fedora Core 2 is doing to servers around the nation. Visit the Fedora mirrors page and try to connect to any US server. You can't. And it's past midnight on the east coast!

But I've got a secret... I'm currently downloading all four of the ISO (files that make CDs) at the full speed of my Road Runner cable modem. So what's my secret to the speedy download of the hottest Linux distribution? Foreign power, baby. Most folks don't want to download from overseas because they think it'll be slower. Hogwash!

The connections between countries is just as strong as the ones between states. Right now I'm downloading from Germany, the Czech Republic, Iceland, and I think France. All of 'em on the first try, and all of 'em as fast as my cable modem will let me.