TechTV | RIAA Wrath Hits Teen

Check this article out. You think the RIAA is going after pirates with $10,000 digital recording studios for "rippin'" and full underground distribution networks? You think the RIAA is trying to reputably defend their "work" by going after people who directly cost them money?

Think again. Those bastards are going after college kids who create search engines. Search engines which don't censor what is put on them. University search engines that index all of the files students and faculty have made available. Yup. Folks "never promoted piracy" but an easy to push over - legally speaking - college student is what makes you a target. That's who this cowardly, illegitimate, son-of-bitch, bastards are going after. By the way - did I mention I don't have a very high opinion of these gestapo? Bastards - they should castrated on sight with dull knives and sent to Abu Ghraib with notes saying they are former Saddam legal aid.