Zona Rosa opens in Kansas City Northland

Who would think that the opening of a newfangled and, as yet, uncompleted shopping center would cause a traffic jam? Who would indeed. I knew Zona Rosa was nearing completion and since I was in the neighborhood checking my P.O. Box, I thought I'd drive over and see what was going on. Little did I know that it was now "officially" open. The parking lot was a zoo, people were walking everywhere. The line of traffic to get out of the place was horrible - only one lane leading into two turn lanes back toward the Interstate. It was something else...

I'm not really all that impressed by Zona Rosa. Once the Barnes & Noble opens maybe I'll change my mind as at least then there will be something worth going to down there. It really seems like a knock-off of the Plaza, a bad one at that. The Plaza has a entrances and exits going every which way; Zona Rosa on the other hand has one, and tonight at least it was very congested. The Plaza has big name stores galore; the biggest name at Zona Rosa is B&N. It's definitely something interesting to have around, but I don't think it will be a place that will be on my "to visit" list when out-ot-town guests are in town for the weekend.