MicroCenter = Pep Boys

My Dad's company had asked me to price laptops for their new sales person. Last November, I helped them pick out a Dell laptop for my Dad and apparently they liked what I did. Instead of jumping on the first good price I saw and recommending it, I decided to make the voyage down into Overland Park to visit Microcenter to check prices. Sure, I could do that online, but I wanted something to do. :)

While wondering around the vast supplies of computerdom that they carry, it finally dawned on me. Microcenter is this generation's Pep Boys. Pep Boys offers to previous generations what Microcenter offers to mine - the supplies to further tinker with the technology of your generation. Granted, this epiphany didn't come all on my own. It was helped by reading the Mere Copyists chapter of Lessig's Free Culture.

Anywho... That's my epiphany for now. :)