Fedora Core 2: The other shoe has fallen

Welp, the calm before the storm is officially over. My computer's a wreck. I can't do anything with it. The cause you ask? My Win key doesn't work! :( Ok... so it isn't disabling my computer, but it is quite annoying. I had my keyboard all set up just like I liked it. I could Win+Tab to flip through desktops, and Shift+Win+Tab through 'em backwards. The world was at peace and all was well. Then my Win key broke.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is Fedora's menu system. I had gotten quite used to KDE's menu structure which makes a lot of sense and has everything where you'd expect it. Now everything's moved on me...

Oh, and there is one thing that does actually cause some trouble. For some reason I am unable to add menu items on my home machine. It didn't happen at work, but here I'm not adding anything to the menu. Well, I'm not adding anything that is going to stay when I close it.

Ahh... the many joys of the bleeding edge.