National WWII Memorial - were the baby boomers self-involved?

Yesterday, the National WWII Memorial was dedicated. Over 16,000,000 Americans were involved in the war effort, over 400,000 died. Yet, until yesterday, there was no dedicated World War II memorial. This wouldn't seem odd, if there were not WWI, Korean, and Vietnam memorials already in place. The Vietnam Wall has stood for nearly 20 years, yet barely more than 10% of the number of lives were effected. In my opinion, the fact that the Wall has stood for so long, and the WWII Memorial is just now being done proves that what was called America's Greatest Generation produced one of America's most self-absorbed. The baby boomers were so "traumatized" by their war, but completely ignored the war of their fathers. A war that not only altered individuals, but changed the whole landscape of the world as we know it. It took the next generation after them to honor the sacrifice of their parents...

I'm not trying to take away anything from the men and women who served in Vietnam. What they did was unimaginable to me. But the way the society as a whole handled that war versus the way they have handled WWII until recently is appalling to me.