yourkcarena: comments from Kansas Citians

"Chad G. on It would be really cool if the building could look like an old time building with gargoyles, but instead of scary monkeys and monsters, the gargoyles would be the heads of cows and pigs and other farm animals to celebrate our livestock history, and when it rains, they would act as scuppers and water could shoot out of their mouths, and that would fit into our reputation as the City of Fountains.

The firm commissioned to come up with a plan to create the downtown arena has created a web site called to solicit suggestions from the community. They are also posting at least some of the suggestions they are getting on their web site. The suggestions range from cow headed gargoyles to " should be iconic, but not idiosyncratic..." - would an architecture expert please explain that one to me?

One very small suggestion is on to something. Jen, from KCMO suggested "Industrial form with exposed beams etc, but a warm/home touch with large photos of KC in the hall." I think this is great! Create a large warehouse effect, with huge exposed beams and ductwork, great big sweatshop windows, the whole nine yards. This would do wonders to tie into the loft / new urbanist communities that are being built around the downtown area. And you could throw in a cow head scupper too! :)