My creative writing journey

One of the original aims of my starting a blog last fall was to better my writing abilities. From the Crossroads transformed from a personal site into a business site, so I left my thoughts for more creative writing and adopted a more professional approach toward what I presented. I've tried to stay on topic, and offer insights that will help those looking for new media ideas and plain English explanations of the Internet. Hopefully, I've succeeded in some small part.

But this is my site. It's just about me, and the various pursuits I make. One thing I am going to attempt to do is better my writing. This afternoon I received my monthly writer's prompts from Writer's Digest, so I have a full 30 ideas for various pieces things to write about. Now I'm not going to promise a full 30 different creative pieces, but I'm going to see how many I can come up with. I should be able to handle 10... We'll see.