Ok, so I'm taking the easy way out

I know... I know... Nothing really original in a few days, but I have a good reason.

The last few days have been hectic. By the time I get through with work, all I want to do is unwind. This creative writing bit is actually helping out. It's nice to immerse your mind in something totally different for a little while. Unfortunately, the last two days my mind was totally immersed in problems...


Two days ago, my Internet connection went down about 4:30 in the afternoon. I finished up, discussed a few things, and headed home pretty sure I'd be able to get it up and running first thing in the morning the next day. Yesterday (the next day) at 3 PM, I finally got my Internet connection back up. With most of the day gone, I spent the rest of the afternoon getting everything in order: checking on the server, trying to make sure nothing earth shattering was in my Inbox, just the miscellaneous things that you keep tabs on throughout the day.

Today, started out much better. Right as I got into my morning stretch to really get some major programming out of the way, my IMAP server went down. One of the joys that goes with a dedicated server, if something goes wrong you get to call yourself. Well, the tech support at me, myself, and I wasn't able to get it back up and running right away. I actually left work this afternoon still not having it back up. After I got home, a quick check of the few messages I had left on different forums finally yielded something, and I got my email back up about 6 PM this evening.

So... here's to tomorrow. May Friday be productive so something gets done this week...