Light pollution in the Kansas City northland

I really like living in the northland. Kansas City south of the river is great, and I really love the urban part of the city, but there's just a more relaxed atmosphere once you cross the Missouri river.

Part of that relaxed atmosphere comes from the as yet underdeveloped "countryside" that is right in the middle of Kansas City, Missouri. From just about anywhere, you are only a few minutes from being in what looks like farmland and from that farmland, you're only a few minutes back to the hustle and bustle of the city.

Last night about 10 PM, power went out along the Platte and Clay county lines. It was rather eerie to look down the street and see no street lights or porch lights on. Likewise, a look across the creek to the other side of the hill had a similarly lifeless look. Without the lights dotting the hillside, it really does feel you're in the country. Unless you catch the clouds move overhead.

Each cloud was illuminated by the orange glow of the northland's light pollution. It was easy to tell that power wasn't out all the way around us because of this glow. North Oak Trafficway still had power, and it appeared that the car dealerships and Metro North Mall still had power as you could see the white glow coming from their direction.

I think one of the big things that the Kansas City Northland has going for it is that you can feel like you're getting away from it. A few simple steps to insure the integrity of our nightsky could help insure that the northland keeps its rural appeal while offering all the amenities of Kansas City.