Trip to the Zoo

I just got back from the Zoo. My sister and her husband are in town for a few weeks, so we decided to spend this afternoon checking out the caged wildlife. The Kansas City Zoo is really a great zoo that takes more than the 4 hours we gave it to go through the entire zoo. Our trip through Australia involved riding the train through it. I've got a lot of pictures - filled up the memory stick I took with me. If I get a few spare minutes, I'll post a few pictures on Me and Travis.

Going through the Africa exhibit, I couldn't help feeling sorry for the animals. The leopard was in a cage of more than "enough" size, but it just didn't seem right having it caged at all. The same with the gorillas, a crowd favorite. Their faces look unbelievably human anyhow, and they had such long expressions on them. They were just sitting, watching people. My sister went to take a picture of one and after looking straight at her it covered its face and looked away. It's almost as if he was saying, "Please... don't take advantage of me." It's not as bad of a life as being a circus animal. At least you are given some hope of a "wild" existence. But still, it would be much more impressive if the cages were the pathways that the humans walked through and all of the animals were free roaming inside the park.