Why should I vote for Ralph Nader?

I don't know that I should, but a guy who's so involved in community activism that when he tries to draw a comparison between being active as the underdog and loosing a basketball game, only to say "when you're 30 points down in the 4th quarter, do you give up and go home" should deserve a second look. Seriously, in a commentary/news piece done on NPR this evening, Ralph was quoted saying the above to a group of students. Pretty funny, I think.

While Nader is generally too liberal for my centrist tastes, he does traits I find interesting. He "detests" reality TV which in and of itself is almost a reason to vote for him. The one thing I find troubling, his lack of an embrace for technology. He still favors a manual typewriter instead of a word processor. His reason is quite unique though... He says it forces you to get it right the first time.