Swinging couples rejoice!

A few years ago, I thought TV had reached an all-time low, and nearly swore it off completely. A few good shows, which seemingly all ended this year, kept me coming back though. But no, Fear Factor with it's sophomoric stunts was mild. No, it was just child's play. Now baby boomers in corporate America show that they do have absolutely no dignity and will stop at nothing for ratings. Announcing Fox's Trading Spouses!

The idea isn't as my title would make it seem, there's supposedly nothing sexual in the show. But I wouldn't put it past one of these rating hungry exec's to suggest that it might make things a bit more interesting if the "feelings normally found in a marriage started to develop - all for artistic reality, you know...". Anyhow, the idea is that two dads or moms switch households and try to make a go of their normal lives, living as "Dad" or "Mom" in their new houses. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. What makes it worse is that they wouldn't give the go ahead to something like this if they didn't have focus groups saying it would get ratings!

In a more general vein, why are the networks so afraid of trying something new? CBS had a hit in CSI - so what did they do? Commission the writers/creators to come up with their next big idea? Nope, they doubled the number of writers and created CSI: Miami. And this next year they're going to add a few more writers and do CSI: New York. Talk about scared stupid. The networks are so afraid of loosing a half a point here, or a half a point there that they simply refuse to embrace creative change. Nope, repackage and rehash are the words of the day for TV. But they do seem to have a new mantra for reality TV: Double digit IQ's? Who needs 'em?