Sacred America - Added to my current readings

I'm working on a book by Roger Housden called Sacred America. I actually started it nearly a year ago in El Paso, but it has been packed up until this past weekend. After "rediscovering" it and realizing I still had my place marked, I decided to give it a read this evening.

It is an amazing book, offering insights to the various spiritual paths that have manifested themselves inside the US. The chapter I read this evening dealt with two Georgian spiritual movements, that found in Americus and the Habitat for Humanity headquarters and the Auburn district of Atlanta and Ebenezer Chapel with a brief touch of a suburban Unity Church. All three different, yet all three the same. From my recollection of the book Housden has done a great job tying the seemingly "different" spiritual practices together in their commonality.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to read a book about the uplifting side of America.