Bikers suck!

Yup... we suck! Or at least that's what pubescent kid would have had me to believe as he passed me on Waukomis a few nights ago, defiantly shaking his skateboard out the window of the car he road shotgun in, undoubtedly too young to have his own driver's license. It got me to thinking, since skate boarding is so apparently superior to cycling why don't I just switch sports. I wouldn't want to get caught on the loosing end of this cultural revolution. I started thinking about all of the things I could do on a skateboard that would never happen on a two wheeled bike.

Hopping on the vert ramp and landing some killer stunts... wait, I can do that on a bike. Well, there's the street course. Hmm... I can do that on a bike too. Then there's dirt jumping - oh right, that's only on a bike. Then there's downhilling. Opps, there I go again getting bikes and skateboards mixed up again. And of course, I've always wanted to hop on a skateboard and make my way around town to destinations dozens of miles away. Hmm... Maybe I should ride my bike and put the board in a nap sack so I can get there faster.

Well at least there's the superstar status and unbelievable athletic ability I can build up as a pro skater. But my superstar status would make me the teenage male's counterpart to Britney and my athletic ability would decrease with every broken bone. There's always the full-state and multi-country grand tours to attend all over the world in addition to a Spring full of classic events, some of which count their years of running with 3 digits. Oh shoot, there I go mixing up cycling and skateboarding again.

You know, now that I think about it maybe we cyclists don't suck after all...