Oh how the times change

Bush preaching on the scourge of gay marriage
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My incumbent rival has made it a habit of voicing his support for a ban on gay marriages. It's actually rather ironic in the role reverse that has happened with the Republican and Democratic parties. It used to be that the Republicans were on the side of local governments and the Democrats wanted the federal government to solve the problems. On the campaign trail this week, the President has been advocating a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriages, while Senator Kerry (my Democratic rival) is avoiding the issue by saying that the decision should be left up to the states.

I guess according to the White House, the federal government should stay out of the lives of everyday Americans unless what those everyday Americans are doing "violates" one of the principles of the commander-in-chief's religious views.

On a different note, is it just me or are the Bush-Cheney signs (seen in the background of the above image) a blatant attempt to harken back to the bygone days of yesteryear and the birth of the Interstate highway system?

Since "every culture [has] understood that traditional marriage is crucial to the well-being of families", why doesn't the President go ahead and ban quick Vegas weddings like this one. Oh yeah, that's right. Marriage between two heterosexuals adds to the stability of our culture, no matter how many hours it lasts.