Opposition to Sprint Arena funded from St. Louis

As everyone in Kansas City probably knows, there's a vocal opposition to the downtown arena. The charge is being lead by the rental car industry with their claims that the increased taxes on rental cars will hurt their business and tourism to the city. That's one thing I always consider when I'm planning a trip out of town - if the town has high taxes on their rental cars, I just won't go. Why should I support their town? I mean, all I'm doing is visiting their town and using their roads so why should I pay an extra tax? But I digress...

I know the reasoning behind the opposition is that they're afraid the increase in their costs will cut into their profits either by reducing their profit margin or reducing their total rentals due to the increase in their expense. What caught me off guard is that the majority of the funding for the opposition is coming from St. Louis. It could be a complete coincidence, but isn't it odd that one of the main points of this arena is to compete for national events? The same national events that St. Louis currently competes for.