We need some controversy

Note: This article first appeared on in support of the blog-a-thon

I just finished reading an article in the Pitch entitled Ministers hate fags too. A very interesting read, but I'm curious how the bloggers in KC feel about this issue? I haven't seen much blogging on it as of late.

In case you missed it, a recent poll is showing that 62% of Missourians are in support of the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. I'm just not sure how we can be going through this again. Didn't we just have a civil rights movement where one group was being subjected to the whim of another? I thought the outcome was that might (or poll numbers) doesn't equal right in America. Did I miss something there?

What's really disheartening is to see the majority of the proponents of these anti-gay laws are ministers of the Christian faith. Christianity according to the gospels is about love. Condemnation was distinctly Old Testament or Paul. It's kind of funny, in a sad sort of way. One of the web sites that is spreading the Gospel - or at least their take on it - actually quotes Psalm 5:5. In case you're not up on your Biblical knowledge, here's what my Interlinear (Hebrew/Greek/English) Bible says:

[The boasters shall not set themselves before Your eyes;] You hate all workers of iniquity.

They left out the part in brackets. It's actually a condemnation of them as they "boast" that they have the truth. That irony is beside the point, though. "... workers of iniquity" is supposed to mean gays somehow. Wouldn't it seem to reason that workers of iniquity could also mean workers of injustice? Seems they've condemned themselves again.

You know, it's really sad when the fringes of any religion, be they Christianity, Muslim, or Jewish start cherry picking verses to match their beliefs. The Klu Klux Klan thought they had God's approval. The Al Qaeda operatives who flew planes into buildings thought they knew Allah's true wishes. And now the religious right thinks they're doing "God's work" by trying to block truly equal protection under the law.