The purpose of this blog

Yesterday was interesting. It's nice to have a lively debate. Something was said to me yesterday about deleting comments that were made and I just want to let everyone know that I won't be censoring any portion of this site. Well, spammers and just general troublemakers are excluded from my non-censorship policy.

I think it's worth while to explain to everyone why I have this blog. It is to chronicle for historical purposes my insights and reactions to everyday life. It may be something as simple as watching a game of hula-hoop toss, or as controversial as same-sex marriage (see also "Oh how the times changes" and "Ironic coincidence, or a deliberate reminder"). The idea is that at some point in the future I, and others, will be able to look back on these postings and the discussion that has sprung out of them and glean a clear understanding of me.

Given the purpose of this site to convey the message of me, when someone comments in opposition to a view I hold, I will engage them. In an ideal world, through the comments we would have the opportunity to both further the defense of our ideas, counter the views of our "opponent", and both leave mutually respecting the other for putting forth a valid argument for their case... no matter how much we disagree with it. Lofty goal, no?

So please, comment, leave you thoughts; but be prepared to defend them.