Being the minority

Well, my vote didn't count, but it doesn't look like it would have been close enough to matter anyhow. The Kansas City Star's election results have had Amendment 2 floating between 60% and 70% all night. I really get to feel like a minority today. First I'm denied my vote, then I'm ideologically on the loosing side of a civil rights issue.

I guess I always get to hold out hope that one of those "rogue judges" will find Amendment 2 unconstitutional... Well, that is until certain groups find out that the constitution gives judges the authority to overturn laws that are unconstitutional. Hell, we don't need 'em... There's no such thing as abuse of power by executive and legislative branches of government. It's those damned legal types that keep messing things up. Nevermind, I guess I won't hold out hope either...

This is a very discouraging evening to be living in Missouri.