Congratulations for the April Fool's baby

I guess it's time I say something on my blog about this - I need everyone's help. My sister and her husband are having a baby and I'm trying to "will" it to an April Fool's Day birthday. I'm thinking if I get enough of you to help out, the blogosphere can make it happen just out of shear will. ;)

Seriously though, congratulations to the both of them. It would be almost too ironic for them if their first baby was on April Fool's Day. See, they got off to an oddball start by getting married on Leap Day back in February. If the past is any predictor of the future, I may be on to something here with this April Fool's Day baby thing. You see, when they first started talking about getting married, I said (sort of as a joke) "Why don't you do it on the 29th of February." About a month later, I was attending the service on the 29th of February. So... My private comments of late when my sister told me the due date was roughly "March or April" were "All right, you're going to have an April Fool's Day baby." The due date is just one week off so keep your fingers crossed! :)