Our new Vice President

Is there anything that President Bush could do to ensure his reelection in 2004? The venom of the Left...has relieved the President of any need to nail down his conservative supporters. They will be out en masse this November. The battle will instead be one of credibility on the war...

These words were penned on in April. They foretold what will happen this week at the convention. If what I'm about to quote doesn't happen, Bush will have lost the election. Moderates won't support him, he will be successfully vilified, Kerry will win. Almost the rest of that quote:

and there is one Republican who could provide instant and absolute credibility on this issue:

Ok, I'm going to tease you a little more. President Bush stands up in front of a receptive audience on Thursday night, and says. "My fellow Americans, ... snipped for brevity ... And I am proud to have                     as my running mate." So what words fill in the blanks?

Senator John McCain.