gapingvoid: how to be creative (long version)

For those of you in the know, the Hughtrain has some witty insights. For those of you who aren't, you should check out his latest "work". He has a complete - being it's all there but still being tweaked and added to from time to time - version of his How to be Creative. It's available in both the long and short version. The short gets the bare points across, the long expands on them.

I will warn you, this may not be work appropriate if you happen to work in one of those places where the use of "inappropriate" language is frowned upon. If you do happen to work in one of those places, you really need to read this...


The long version has 26 drawings. Even if you don't read the whole 10,000 word essay, it's worth a look just to check out the pictures. Here's a few of my favorites:

That last one really carries a lot of meaning. I hope I don't get to that point. Anyhow, read the article for yourself.

The 25 points to being creative

1. Ignore everybody.

2. The idea doesn't have to be big. It just has to change the world.

3. Put the hours in.

4. If your biz plan depends on you suddenly being "discovered" by some big shot, your plan will probably fail.

5. You are responsible for your own experience.

6. Everyone is born creative; everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.

7. Keep your day job.

8. Companies that squelch creativity can no longer compete with companies that champion creativity.

9. Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb.

10. The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props.

11. Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether.

12. If you accept the pain, it cannot hurt you.

13. Never compare your inside with somebody else's outside.

14. Dying young is overrated.

15. The most important thing a creative person can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do, and what you are not.

16. The world is changing.

17. Merit can be bought. Passion can't.

18. Avoid the Watercooler Gang.

19. Sing in your own voice.

20. The choice of media is irrelevant.

21. Selling out is harder than it looks.

22. Nobody cares. Do it for yourself.

23. Worrying about "Commercial vs. Artistic" is a complete waste of time.

24. Don't worry about finding inspiration. It comes eventually.

25. You have to find your own schtick.