Two new additions: Save the Betamax and Furl

You might notice the two new additions to my site. Over on the left right I've added the Free Technology block that links to This is a group who's mobilizing the effort to defeat the bill formerly known as the INDUCE Act. If you haven't heard of the INDUCE Act before, it's a bill that was introduced by the movie/recording industries very own "Senator in a Pocket" - Orrin Hatch - that would hold the developer of technology liable if they produce anything that could be used to infringe upon copyrights. The link to Betamax should be making sense right about now. The movie industry fought the Betamax because it was unfair that technology could record and make copies of their movies without them having any control over it... Wait, doesn't that sound like the recording industry now? How the times never change...

What really gets under my skin on this is that it will have a very chilling effect on my vocation. Let's say I make blog tool. Technically, someone who was so minded could use my software creation to plagurize an entire book. All of the suden, I'm liable for that plagurization. Nevermind that there are thousands of other users who don't break the law - because that one or two I'm in bankruptcy court.

Second up is the change of "Where I'm at..." to "What I'm reading...". I haven't used since I discovered Furl. This is just a list of articles and pages that I've found useful or interesting.