Army Sends Weaponless Reserve Unit To Iraq

You may see this over in the "What I'm Reading..." bar on the left, but I thought I'd mention it here too so you can offer comments on it:

About 800 members of the 98th Army Reserve Division from Rochester, New York will begin a year-long mission in Iraq next month.

The unit, which normally trains reserve and active-duty soldiers in the U.S., will find itself training Iraq?s new army.

The 98th is a non-combat unit that doesn't even have its own weapons or vehicles.

"This is a hard war and we, frankly, inside the Army Reserve have been not properly prepared for it,? said Lt. Gen. James Helmly, chief of the U.S. Army Reserve.

I wonder if this is real. Surely Bush will have a good explanation to this, because I would be floored if Kerry doesn't bring it up as part of the "wrong" plan in Iraq.

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