I'm king of the world...

Ok, well not really, but I'm getting close.

It's geeky, I know, but from time to time I can't help but going to Google and Yahoo and putting in "Travis Swicegood" and seeing what happens. Since I know you've been waiting all of 30 seconds to find out how I'm king of the world, here's the official results:

Apparently, Yahoo likes me better. Just to put these numbers in context. Amy Gahran's Google/Yahoo #'s are 13,100 and 13,100; Lee LeFever's Google/Yahoo #s are 4,200 and 5,310.

So what's the secret of my success? Welp, every time someone installs the b2evolution blog and doesn't update their blog-roll, a link to me via "Travis Swicegood Hosting" goes up. For the real numbers, run this Google search and this Yahoo search. Neither of them are bad, but there's still a big gap. It also shows how quickly Yahoo is gathering results on the Internet.