New news site for Kansas City?s governed

Author's Note: This just appeared on KCBloggers. Thought I'd include it here, too.

Kansas City residents have a new resource for politics, hearings, and whatnot from around the metro at KC Council Watch. To quote Joe's site, he started it because:

I'm just a concerned citizen who wants to know more about what's going on with local politics.

It's a great site, lots of quick info that makes it easy to digest what's going on in the governments around the metro. Two things I wish he would do to it though:

  • Add an RSS/Atom feed - I'm lazy... I don't like going to sites to see what's going on, I want my feedreader to do it for me :)
  • Re-license the site under Creative Commons - Ok, so I'm an IP-activist, but hopefully once Joe gets involved in blogging he'll see the light and re-license under a Creative Commons license so others can quote him as I just did without fear of "infringement".

Thanks to BlogKC for pointing this great site out.