Perry and Fancy Creek MTB Trails

First off, I would like to thank both Lyle and Nate. They are great ambassadors of the sport and have both put together some great riding opportunities through trails they maintain.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to ride all of the trails out at Perry but what I did ride was a blast. It's not too rocky, but not too smooth either... It's a Goldilocks trail: just about right, but I'm sure most everybody from around KC knows that.

The one you might not know about is Fancy Creek. The terrain reminded me a lot of central and northeastern New Mexico. Thick with evergreens and a mix of rich black soil, pine needles, and rocks to make for some fun trails. The cover is so thick in parts of the trail that you can hear riders on the trail 20' to either side of you and not see them.

I think Nate's right, once you get past Perry this has to be the best trail until you hit the Rockies. If you've got to drive to Denver, or just want to hit some trails that are a bit different, keep Fancy Creek high on your list of trails to ride.