Iran: Now you see it, now you don't... wait, there it is again

Is anyone ever going to trust the Iranians again? Seriously? One minute they won't back down. "Allah created nuclear power, therefore we should be able to use it to power our cities and vanquish the infidels."* The next minute they have their tail tucked between legs running to the Europeans trying to get a deal to keep the UN Security Council from hearing about their nuclear ambitions.

Now - today the BBC reports that they're gloating that they "isolat[ed] the US. And that is a great victory for us." Now they're saying that the suspension of urianium enrichment is only going to last as long as the talks with the EU continue. "We are talking months, not years," as he so eloquently put. I think more properly translated into English that would be "We'd hate to see anything bad happen... Let's keep talking about it and figure out how these bad guys could cause a problem. Here, you buy lunch for it." It's an old fashion shake-down of the EU.

The article also mentions the following quote from Rohani:

He added that the US representative at the IAEA meeting in Vienna "was enraged and in tears, and everybody said that the Americans had failed and we had won".

I'm not sure exactly who he's talking about, I within the last few weeks I saw a presentation of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center. The guy wasn't crying, but was visibly shaken - depressed might be a better word - at the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power. The general idea is that the current nuclear powers are in check. The super-powers have them and all of the smaller countries that have them are under the influence of one or more of the super-powers. Iran on the other hand would upset the balance.

Oh - one other thing. The inspections that the UN might be doing wouldn't matter a damn bit. If Iran gets a light water reactor they could produce enough weapons grade uranium within 60 days to build several missiles. Surely in two months the inspectors would know what's up, right? Wrong, the inspections would happen every 90 days.

* False quote