The media doesn't get it

I just came across what started as good article by Frank Rich at The idea is that Brain Williams is not an anchorman out for a story, but out for an audience. I agree - nearly all TV news is done that way. "It's the [ratings], stupid."

But then Rich just showed his general contempt for all things not ordained by the almighty Times - he turned his wrath toward blogs. Bloggers are apparently right-wing, wannabe pundints with so few journalism skills as to make a monkey with a typewriter a more fair, balanced reporter.

I have to chuckle at this guys seeming oblivion to the rest of the world.

And so network news still counts. The idea, largely but not exclusively fomented by the right, that TV news might somehow soon be supplanted by blogging as a mass medium may remain a populist fantasy until Americans are able to receive blogs by iPod. (At which point they become talk radio.)

Hey Franky boy, it's call podcasting. If I realy wanted to rub his face in exactly how out of touch he really is, I'd mention something about Googling his all-important name and the results versus Googling podcasting, but I don't want to be that mean.

Thanks to Wonkette for turning me on to the story.