US Aid to the tsunami victims

Am I the only American who's offended by the $35 million ponied up by President Bush? We spent $4.3 billion to rebuild after the hurricanes in hit Florida and the other southern states this summer. The best numbers I can find on Google put the death toll somewhere around 3 dozen. The numbers - so far - have the death tolls across the countries hit at somewhere north of 72,000 and we're sending in $35 million to rebuild.

Put another way $486.11 per life lost outside the US. $119,444,444.44 per life lost inside the US.

And the President's remarks that "[he] felt like the person who made that statement was very misguided and ill-informed" where rather misguided. Just do that math - or have Cheney do it for you. Do you still this he was ill-informed?