Next, on this addition of Two Minutes Hate...

Seriously, doesn't the Pentagon have better things to do with $3 million than create their own television news station to "cut out the middle man - the [pesky] national media" (pesky is added by me...). I don't know, maybe they could buy some armor with it...? I wonder how long it will be until the Whitehouse and then Congress decides they need to get their message out directly to the people.

I can see the PentagonChannel's commercial breaks. Instead of two minutes of commercials, they'll have the Two Minutes Hate disguised as the "real" scene from the War on TerrorismTM show Iraqis blowing coalition forces and each other. They'll probably try to license (or claim fair use) on Lee Greenwood's Proud to be an American. I don't know if they'll provide kiosks with bullet-proof glass over the screen and encourage individuals to act out their rage in public. You know, sort of like a 21st century's burning of an effigy.