Raw Print | Westboro Baptist Tsunami Statement

RAW STORY has discovered that the Westboro Baptist Church leaders known for picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the young college student brutally murdered in Wyoming in 1998, have released the following statement regarding the tsunamis which hit Southeast Asia earlier in the week.

The statement, which was posted on their website Wednesday alongside dozens of other archived "press releases," thanks God for the tsunami and for the death of any gay Swedish vacationers who perished at the time.

Makes you want to move to Topeka doesn't it? Thanks go to Wonkette for pointing this out. As a funny side note, Westboro's website (which I am not linking to because it would help their Google rankings) seems to be down. Apparently, their God hasn't seen fit to protect their server from the influx of traffic they've generated for themselves. Guess he's own on vacation today.

Update 04/23/07: Closed comments due to spam.