My very own Swicegood troll!

Well whatdaya know - I have my very own Swicegood troll! I'm not on great terms with my Dad's family, and guess what - one of 'em found it worthwhile after a decade without seeing or speaking to me to leave a comment! Now, brace yourself... This is a fourth grade teacher whose responsibility it is to impart basic knowledge to Charlotte's fourth graders. This is a wonderful example of how to use punctuation.

Do you not have anything better to do????????

How sad. Get a real job!!!

Well, I just learned something. Instead of making your point with words, 8 question marks can do the job. I wish I would have known that, it would save me from being so verbose. I wonder how you convey that many question marks in conversation though. Hmm...

If you would like to ask for yourself, please feel free to drop Tracie (aka t. swicegood - the shift button apparently only works for question and exclamation marks, not those things like last names) a line at work - where she logged on from oddly enough. I guess it's just me, but I find it ironic that she'd leave the comment complaining that I should "get a real job" while she's surfing at her office. Hmm... I wonder what Principal Flamer would say to that obvious misuse of city property. But I digress. Send all correspondence to:

Tracie Swicegood, Room 303
c/o Piney Grove School
8801 Eaglewood drive
Charlotte, NC 28212

Or, if email works better for you,