We're one step about from requiring women wear scarves in public...

... or require a public execution of them - a la the Taliban.

Maybe it's two steps, but please... censorship? Ok, so the religious zealots of the day can't get creationism, I mean intelligent design, I mean "God put me here God Damnitism!" in the textbooks... so let's start taking books out of schools. Interesting change in tactics. One day they're trying to "expand" knowledge by providing alternative points of view, the next they're trying to take away access to knowledge.

But I have an idea! If they succeed in getting this passed, I think we should start an online petition to ban the Bible. The book is full of adult content. It has issues of morality, profanity (in ancient times), sexuallity, sexually explicit content, etc., etc. We should not be subjecting our kids to this type of literature - as I write that, I can feel the blood boiling of Christians - "My Bible ain't 'literature'!" And what about the boy Jewish or Muslim kids who find that Bible in the library and find themselves questioning their faith? We shouldn't allow it!

Now, since I've never been inside a public school inside the Metro, can someone verify for me that the school libraries do have at least one copy of the Bible? Of course, they may all be checked out so the Governor can take his oath on them, but have they had them?