What the right got right

Roy Temple has a great post on what the Democratic party is doing wrong. To them, the validity of their point is so obvious, that it doesn't need explanation. The American public is dumb. I mean 18 precent of Americans should just be shot for their mindnumbing contamination of the gene pool, but of that other 80% not that many are certifiably stupid, they just need some guidance.

When Republicans thrust Dubya on the world and they have a bumbling folkies kind of guy, the public can identify with him. When he keeps repeating his message over and over and over and over - editor's note: "and over"s removed to keep this from become a volume - again, the public starts to get it. When Kerry, or Edwards, or anybody else jumps around from point to point, touching on them briefly, relying on the Mensa-level intelligence of their constituancy to understand how they got to that conclusion, the public goes "huh?".

This reminds me of another point that was brought up by a local TV guy in response to What's the matter with Kansas?. Frank Thomas did a good job with the book, but he missed one point - the people really don't care. They're not involved with the body politic to the level most paritsans would like to believe. They go with who they feel more comfortable with. When the Republicans couch their arguments that business should be able to do business - aka screw the little guy a la Wal-Mart - in their down to earth demeanore and repeat it simply and often, the public feels they know them. This is where the left is going wrong.

So how can they fix it? They can go over to Audible and download Al Sharpton's DNC address. Listen to it, understand it, and try to emulate it. The Reverand is believes what he is saying - or at least is good at pretending - and he puts it simply. The rest of the left needs to work on that. You guys have got 4 years to get it down.