I'm gay - please convert me, honey!

No. I'm not coming out or anything like that, but this is brings up an interesting ethical question.

A group of researchers have determined that the non-jock, male Australian cuttlefish are posing as female cuttlefish to get past the bigger counterparts and "[meet] females under rocks". What they're doing under those rocks we'll leave to your imagination - let's just say there were lots more smaller cuttlefish swimming around now because it worked half the time!

There were 41 delicate situations where the cuttlefish in drag were mistaken for real live females in dire need of a good mating. There were bruised egos and embarrassed looks all around, and the bigger, more manly cuttlefish did have to rough the poor guy to send a message that he wasn't going to be played like that, but still... it worked half the time!

Ok... so now to the ethical question: is this article saying that pretending to be gay to get in a girls pants is not really playing her, but that it's only biology overruling common decency? Or am I reading way too much into it? :)