Reading deprivation

Just to let everyone know, I'm undergoing a week of reading deprivation... No books, no blogs, no radio, no TV, no frivolous Internet. If you want to talk about me on your blogs, this is the week to do it!

Because of this new knowledge fast, I'm going to have nearly an extra hour a day commuting time in which I'm working on my podcast on wheels. It's sort of like this blog, rambling, sometimes pointless, but if you stick with it you might just get something profound out of it (no guarantees though).

Finally, for those of you looking to the website for bike porn, it's not here yet. I'm still waiting on my Crossmax SL wheels and FSA carbon crank. Both should be in one day this week, and when they're here I'll have it pictures! In the meantime, feel free to dream about it....