My New Bike Carrier...

Welp… I’m now officially part of the club

My new bike carrier

In talking about hybrids, Lindsey reminded me that VW makes a turbo diesel that gets great gas mileage. Two trips to the dealer and I’m now the proud owner of a Passat GLS TDI. Rumor has it that I’ll be getting mid-30’s around town and getting 50 mpg on the highway is not uncommon. All of that in a zippy package that has room for bikes and all!

I’ll be doing some investigation into running biodiesel in it to be even more eco-friendly. Now - to suit Dave I’ve got to start working on a bike sticker collection… :)

La Arana Update

I’m wheel-less. Everything is in and now I’m debating on whether I should build a super light set with Stan’s ZTR rims or if I should go with the more proven Crossmax SL’s. Then, there’s always the possibility of giving Spinergy another chance. Decisions, decisions…