Hate still wins votes

Proving what Hitler learned nearly three quarters of a century earlier, hate still wins votes. The new Kansas legislature has made one of their first priorities to not be outdone by the bigotry of its Missouri neighbors and has put an ammendment to it's constitution on the ballot to ban same-sex anything. To quote one of Overland Park's most divisive "pastors" on one of the local TV news shows last night:

I think this proves that people of faith need to exercise their right to vote. All of the new members of the legislature voted for the ammendment.

Great... religious nuts found out there's power in voting! Who told them?! :)

It really looks like the Protestant movement has run its course. Now they're using political power to affect the changes they deem "necessary" to perserving their way of life. Seems like deja vu for the history buffs of us - I remember a church located at 1 Vacitan City Drive that incited its people to holy war, committed crimes against its own people, and generally tried to badger them into submission. Ya know, come to think of it - this is just another place where the Evangelicals and Islamists have something in common! Let's hope as they duke it out they don't take too many more innocents with them.