Quick weekend recap

It's lunch time and I'm waiting on lunch to get here, so here's a quick recap of the weekends events.

It didn't rain as bad as was expected. Friday was perfect - I have a few pictures of sunsets that will be going up on Me and Travis soon - I'm seriously going to start attempting to post more to that site. Anyhow, Saturday it started drizzling in the morning. Within 30 minutes of starting, however, it had stopped and would just stay grey the rest of the day.

I was manning one of the string trimmers all day Saturday and Sunday. I probably walked a mile swinging that sucker back and forth. As the trail hadn't been benchcut, I spent the day with my downslope leg taking up the slack. Currently my left leg (the downslope one) feels lopsided.

Me and a few of the other guys building trails this weekend split a cabin at the state park. It was a very cool little cabin with a great wood burning stove in the corner. Nate made a great observation while we were sitting there enjoying the fire. He wondered aloud if somewhere in our primitive brain that makes us want to stare at something glowing after the sun goes down. A fire while you're out camping can become entrancing, and who hasn't seem people in a trance like state in front of the boob-tube? Wouldn't it be funny if all this time, primetime TV was taking advantage of evolution?

Anyhow, that's it for now. Lunch is here and I'm still trying to recover from what I'm sure was a caloric deficit this weekend.