Ode to the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicles

This is a rant... Read on at your own risk


To MoDOT contract workers;

I hope you burn in hell. You are vile low-lifes, a waste of the precious resources that your existence consumes. You waste the tax payer's time and money. You are inconsiderate. Oh, and did I mention that you work at the back of a pet store? You are so despised that the state won't even get you a real office. No! You have to go to work amid chew toys and litter boxes.

You know, I felt sorry for the MoDOT employees who lost their jobs when Baby Blunt remodeled his office instead of paying their salaries... No more! I hope Blunt can find other offices, lobbies, stairwells, rooftops, and restrooms in need of an interior designer's expert eye. Please, Mr. Governor, spend all of MoDOT's money so you can quit paying these inconsiderate low-lifes to consume my entire day! They do a job that a computer should have been doing years ago.

sigh... Now that feels much better.