Help get support for SB 372

I just sent the following letter to Senator Wheeler, per Brent Hugh's request. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Write something, give him a call. Or do both!

Senator Wheeler,

As a working member of your district in downtown Kansas City, I would like to voice my support for SB 372. I enjoy spending time my bicycle as a way to stay fit and enjoy the company of friends, old and new. Missouri should everything it can to insure that those of us who participate in the sport can do so in a safe manner.

As you may be aware, a cyclist was recently stuck by a disgruntled driver who thought that the cyclist had no business on the road. In an unfortunate turn of events, the driver was not charged. 304.678 provides a clear definition of how a motor vehicle should overtake a cyclist, and would have insured that the cyclist was not blamed for the accident, as the responding police officer did, but would properly assign the guilt to the driver.

Thank you for your time and service. I certainly hope you will support SB 372 and the rights and protections it guarantees to your cycling constituents.

Travis Swicegood

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As a side note, is it just me, or does the email form on the Missouri Senate site seem awfully small? Are they just trying to keep people from commenting?