Experimenting with speed

For the last three days, I've been experimenting with speed with some great results that I wanted to share here.

Talk about a lead in. :) No, it's not that kind of speed, but my car's speed. I've been driving the speed limit in to and back home from work. Since I am the slowest car on the road, I can set my cruise and go to town - literally. Coming in to work today with a bike on top of my car, I got nearly 40 mpg!

It's interesting how many cars speed. I was passed by two school buses this morning while I was driving the speed limit. School buses people! When our school buses don't pay any attention to laws, what has the world come to?

Oh, and as far as time... I think it might take me a minute or two longer by dropping the extra 4 - 6 mph. For that extra two minutes, I'm gaining more than 10% in fuel efficiency. So do your part, try to plan your drives so you can do the speed limit. It'll save you money and piss off everyone else on the road! :)