Movies, movies, movies...

I picked up a Netflix membership about a month ago, so I've watched more movies the last month than I probably have in the last. I've been meaning to post some reviews of them, but just haven't got around to it. Three have stuck out as worth noting. Sideways, What the Bleep Do We Know?, and one I finally watched tonight, The Corporation.


First off, Sideways. I personally think it was a few minor things away from being a best picture at the Academy Watch the highway scene toward the beginning to see what I'm talking about - ever see someone do 20 mph down the freeway?

What the Bleep was a kooky movie. It's hard to define. Sort of a documentary; sort of a movie - though sort on scenes. Throw in the occasional animated scenes and you've got an idea what it is. The premise very new age: quantum physics can be used to explain what's going on on a larger scale. Through our own self-determination, we can create the instance of the world we live in. Looked at through the lens of Psycho-Cybernetics it makes perfect sense. Of course, it's all theoretical, but it raises some interest points to ponder.

Finally, The Corporation. What can I say? Great topic, needed to be told, etc., etc. It was kind of drawn out though. Two hours and twenty-two minutes? The people who need to hear this movie's message aren't going to sit that long without something going on. There was one great story from it though. I'll paraphrase it here:

Think of when man was first trying to fly. One guy would strap wings to his arms and run off the edge of a cliff, flapping his wings for all he has. He's flying - or that's the way he sees it. And he'll continue to "fly" until he runs out of air and discovers the stopping properties of the ground.

I can't help but think of thoughts like this one when I read that. Some people honestly think that we can fly, so they consume, consume, consume... sure that the market - the creation of the modern era - will save them. Makes me feel sorry for our collective state. That was actually the overpowering feeling of The Corporation - depression. It was a depressing movie, but worth the watch if you want to wallow in the corporate future we have to look forward to if we keep moving in the direction we're headed.